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Job Scope of Graphic Designers

There are many graphic design jobs, but their job scope is more or less similar. The typical tasks that graphic designers do range from meeting customers so that they can identify the needs and objectives of a project, determining the target audience, research on the project's area, establishing the right format, creating or importing images, providing a variety of options to customer, as well as documentation.

Beginner designers are usually given on-the-job training or will undergo an apprenticeship. It would take about one to three years of training before they make advancement to higher-level positions. For experienced designers, they may advance to supervisory roles. Yet, there are many who would become teachers in design schools, open a private studio, or even open their own businesses. Some may do actually multi-tasks in different roles.

For designers who choose to run their own businesses, they will spend much time attaining new business contacts, and will also need to do a variety of administrative tasks like managing personnel, reviewing catalogues, and ordering samples to organize and keep the business running. They may also need to do much traveling to meet clients, especially if they are working from home. Visiting the manufacturing facility and showrooms to check on their products is also part of their duty.

Part of graphic design jobs is also to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest software and technology, especially those concerning design. Because new formats are developed and technological changes occur very often, they will need to undergo retraining every now and then. This is part of their responsibility to stay ahead of in the industry.

Although there are regular working hours, often time graphic designers will need to sacrifice their time to meet clients at different times of the day, or stay back to rush for deadlines. As there is much demand in the industry, designers are paid according to assignments. This makes the pressure to work hard higher, and increases the motivation to perform in order to maintain a stable income. All in all, the creative industry expects much from graphic designers.

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